Crude Oil

Oil Commodity Trading

Al-Razam International Enterprise Co. is actively engaged in oil and oil product trading.
By using local market knowledge and having international strategically placed partnering arrangements providing for fast and economic trading.
By using LEAN Management Models financial benefit is provided to both buyer and seller.
Logistics are provided through our contractual obligations to a large GCC Shipping Agency thus providing for cost effective tankerage.

Over recent years the breadth of trading is indicated at the table below.

Al- Razam is currently committed to domains related to Oil and Gas field:

  • Petrochemical Product Trading
  • Refinery Identification, Construction/Refurbishment
  • Financial Leverage for Refinery and EPC
  • Logistics
  • Oil Field Product Supplies
  • Pipeline welding
  • Pipeline Construction and Fitting
  • Drilling

Pipe Transportation and Logistics Management

STOP PRESS:- Al Razam are to be appointed franchiser to a large specialist lubricating oil manufacturer across MENA Region.

Al Razam Oil Commodity Trading 1995 – 2018


End Receiver
Crude Oil Iraqi Government British Petroleum
Crude Oil Iraqi Government Oman
Diesel (D2) Libya Italy
Diesel (D2) Libya Turkey
Fuel Oil Iraqi Government Jordan
Fuel Oil Iraqi Government Syria
Fuel Oil Iraqi Government Turkey
Fuel Oil Iraqi Government UAE
Fuel Oil Iraqi Government Oman
Crude Oil License in Place for Trading Libya World Wide